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Legal Aid Society, Brooklyn Office for the Aging

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"Planning for the Disabled and the Elderly - Representing the Non-Traditional Family" Practicing Law Institute, Course Handbook Series 1994, 1995 Editions (D-239/D4-5256/Dept. BAV4, 1995 Edition).

"A Brief Overview of OBRA-87 Nursing Homes - Representing the Elderly Client of Modest Means" Practicing Law Institute, Course Handbook Series 1993, 1994, 1995 Editions (D4-235/Number D4-5254-1994 Edition).

"Housing Issues for the Elderly - Representing the Elderly Client." Practicing Law Institute, Course Handbook Series 1988, 1989, 1990 Editions (D4-525/Number 196-1990 Edition).

Introduction to Housing. Entitlement and Advocacy Training Pamphlet Series. Institute on Law and Rights of Older Adults, Brookdale Center of Hunter College 1986, Revised 1987.

Report on the Availability of Matrimonial Representation for the Poor and the Feasibility of Mandatory Pro Bono Representation in Matrimonial Matters in New York City, The Committee on Legal Assistance of the Association of The Bar of the City of New York, March 1989, Vol. 44 #2, Page 159-176.


New York Law School

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New York State Bar Association

Association of the Bar of the City of New York

National Academy of ElderLaw Attorneys

National Legal Aid and Defenders Association (1988-89)

New York Long Term Care Ombudsprogram Advisory Committee (1980-87)

Staten Island Family Planning Board of Directors (1979-81)

Partial Listing of Cases Litigated:

Domroe v. Blum et al., 78 Civ. 1719 (S.D.N.Y.).
Class action challenging New York City Medicaid termination procedures as being violative of federal statutory provisions and of the Due Process Clause. Court approved settlement filed covering all relief requested by plaintiffs.
Haggiag v. Blum et al., 80n Civ. 4872 (S.D.N.Y.).
Class action challenging New York City failure to provide food stamps to 640 Staten Island Food Stamp recipients in August 1980. Class-wide injunctive relief obtained ordering the immediate issuance of food stamps. Individual plaintiff claims for damages dismissed by the District Court and affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.
Rivers et al. v. Califano, 523 F. Supp. 783 (S.D.N.Y. 1981).
Class action challenging the failure of State and City defendants to timely remit retroactive Supplemental Security Income benefits to recipients. The class was certified and a partial final judgment enjoining defendants' practices was entered. Plaintiffs lost an appeal from the failure of a district court to order notice to class members injured in the past.
Morris v. Krauskoff (Sup. Ct., N.Y. Cty, 1982).
Class action challenged the failure of City DSS to limit to 10% of their grants recoupments of overpayments and advances to public assistance recipients in New York City. The suit was favorably settled by consent agreement with State-wide application.
Rosenberg v. Blum (U.S.D.C., S.D.N.Y., Sweet, D.J. 1983).
A consent judgment was entered favorably resolving on a classwide basis plaintiffs' claims for equitable and retroactive relief in this class action suit challenging the failure of the State and City Departments of Social Services (a) to treat an AFDC and HR application as a Medicaid application and to timely render a separate determination on the applicant's Medicaid eligibility; and (b) to continue the Medicaid eligibility of a recipient who has been determined no longer eligible for AFDC or HR benefits, until timely and adequate notice and the opportunity for a prior fair hearing have been provided.
Mancher et al. v. Sheepshead Nursing Home, New York State Commissioner of Health et. al, (Class action Article 78, Sup. Ct., Kings County 1984)
Successful challenge to imminent closing of skilled nursing facility where a temporary restraining order obtained preventing transfer of 200 residents. Preliminary injunction entered removing operators charged with substandard care and appointing a receiver to upgrade facility to state and federal standards. Nursing home presently in compliance and residents will not face involuntary transfer.
Strano v. Perales, (Sup.Ct., N.Y. Cty. 1985).
Class action suit challenged the failure of State and City DDS to comply with the requirements of state statute that mostly elderly Medicaid recipients be provided, where necessary, with continuous 24-hour home care. The suit was settled by the agreed certification of the plaintiff class, State DSS' repeal of an offending regulation, the provision of 24-hour home care where indicated, and the requirement that past denials be reviewed and appropriate relief be granted.
Dartmouth v. Caldwell, 81 A.D.2d 914 (2d Dept. 1981).
Supreme Court decision refusing to vacate judgment in mortgage foreclosure action reversed on appeal. Kanalos v. Blum, 80 A.D.2d 917 (2d Dept., 1981). Successful challenge to administrative hearing decision denying emergency assistance to replace bedding destroyed by fire.
McCormack v. Geidel, N.Y.L.J. November 17. 1978.
(App. Term 2d Dep't) - Initiation of nonpayment of rent proceeding for unpaid use and occupation held to vitiate prior holdover judgment and recreate the tenancy.
Newbold v. HUD, N.Y.L.J., July, 1980.
(App. Term, 2d Dep't) - Decision in non-payment of rent proceeding reversed on ground demand not established.
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